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Dassi once dreamed big

She dreamed of becoming a nature photographer and writing poetry. She has an unusually keen eye, the soul of an artist, deep discernment and high emotional intelligence. Despite all this (or maybe because of it – who knows?) she could not find her place in the school system and had frequent clashes with her parents.

Things began to snowball quickly and before she knew it, she found herself... on the street. She spent night after night with Gili who dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, with Chaya and Nechama who were not busy dreaming – they just wanted to survive the night while longing for a feeling of "home". Mostly she found herself deeply pained and mortally insulted.

She bounced from one dormitory to another, came back home and was thrown out again. Even when she had a roof over her head and some hot food, she didn't really believe that she stood a chance to succeed.

And maybe that's what she lacked most of all: the belief that things could be different. That she could really go far.

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Our Services

Physical space:

Simply a home

The first step is to give each of the girls her basic needs: a place to lay her head, nutritious food, clothes and a loving hug. These are the seeds from which serenity, faith and success will sprout.

In each of our homes, a social worker provides the girls with professional support, a house mother is responsible for the day-to-day running of the home and a team of counselors serve as 'big sisters' for the young women.

We emphasize instilling the value of independent living. Our girls shop for their own groceries in keeping with the household budget, prepare meals under the guidance of the house mother and take turns sharing the household chores. This is how they learn to plan their steps wisely and acquire important life skills.

The girls enjoy various leisure activities throughout the year, an action-packed summer vacation and nature hikes.

Our homes are open 365 days a year, including Shabbos and Yom Tov, investing much thought and care to create a happy, homey atmosphere. This is how we give our girls the tools to run their own happy, healthy homes – for the sake of their future generations!

Emotional space:

To become strong and to dream

Building emotional resilience is a critical step. When a girl has positive experiences and enjoys the sweet taste of success, she gets the strength to dream and achieve.

We provide our young women with a wide range of support services that includes individual and group therapy, individual guidance and a variety of workshops and enrichment classes. These enable each young woman to cultivate faith in herself and trust in her environment

We invest heavily in providing tools for building a personal spiritual identity through lectures, workshops and seminars, and in strengthening community affiliation – all of our homes are located within the community.

A central, significant part of our program, is a high-quality preparation for building a family which includes seminars on the Jewish home, workshops on dating, forming healthy concept about marriage and more. 

Personal development space:

Moving forward

Now that the girls are standing on firm ground, the time has come to spread their wings… When a young woman already starts to dream big, we give her the tools to achieve and to make it big.

Guidance leading to personal growth begins with making the best career and professional training choices and then later, with integrating successfully into the world of work. We operate in conjunction with a variety of institutions and match each young woman with the career training course that best suits her.

Building a career includes help her through the job search stage, preparing for job interviews, advancing career assessment and assistance in receiving government benefits. Even after she has landed a job, we continue to be at her side until she feels secure in her successful integration. From this stage and onward – the sky's the limit!

Even after marriage, we continue to support and guide our young women with counseling if necessary, hosting them on Shabbos and even financial assistance. Our sense of responsibility is the key to their success!  

Yung women currently in the project

Lectures and workshops each year 
Married graduates  
Graduates integrated at jobs  

The revolution will continue thanks to you!

At Morasha, we don't focus on the *risk* but rather the *opportunity* so that each young woman can feel empowered to succeed and to lead.

YOU can give us the power to be there for them!

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